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Stanton denies WALL-E is an environmental allegory

The NY Times visits with WALL-E Director Andrew Stanton. In it Stanton denies that he created WALL-E as an allegory for our abuse of the planet.

“I was writing this thing so long ago, how could I have known what’s going on now?” he said. “As it was getting finished, the environment talk started to freak me out. I don’t have much of a political bent, and the last thing I want to do is preach. I just went with things that I felt were logical for a possible future and supported the point of my story, which was the premise that irrational love defeats life’s programming, and that the most robotic beings I’ve met are us.”

He also denies that Buy & Large, a mega-company that figures in the film, is a dig at The Walt Disney Compnay, the future of the relationship between Disney and Pixar was unknown at the time they started thinking about making WALL-E.

Lots of other good stuff in the interview too.

1 thought on “Stanton denies WALL-E is an environmental allegory”

  1. This is funny. I guess “Silent Running” isn’t an environmentally themed movie either, because it was done before the present enviro-hysteria. And if Stanton isn’t politically oriented, why the “Stay the Course” slam at Bush?

    Stanton may make great movies, but he’s a lousy liar.

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