Magic Kingdom 1971 Video – wow

Here’s a quick video introducing Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in song and dance. Check out the groovy outfits. Those dancers are the “Kids Of The Kingdom”. The park was a few weeks from opening to the public, note the very unfinished Tomorrowland.

9 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom 1971 Video – wow”

  1. lol- that was great! It didn’t even mention WDW, did it? Was that shown as a TV commercial? If so, did people know that it was a commercial for WDW?

    I’m surprised that Disney allowed all of those people to ride on/in one teacup…that’s a big no-no now.

    Thanks for posting- it was fun to watch!

  2. Very cool in a nostalgic way. What tall structure is that at about a 1:32? I don’t recognize it. Almost looks like a Japanese style something or other you’d find at Epcot.

  3. Wow.

    Ummmmm, nostalgically crappy.


    Them’s the words I was looking for.

    LOL – how ’bout them 40 year old Kids of the Kingdom?

    WTF (What the Fantasyland)?????

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