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Walt Disney Studios

20,000 Leagues Remake Sinks

New Walt Disney Studios President Rich Ross is already making big waves by canceling production of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake. Obviously, this either upsets or excites you depending on your feelings about the film. I definitely thing it had the potential to… Read More »20,000 Leagues Remake Sinks

Around The Hub – Thursday thoughts

Game Informer has a 9 minute audio interview with Warren Spector, creator of the Epic Mickey game. Lots of great stuff is revealed in what is essentially the first official communication from Disney about the game. ABC had to scrap some of its promotional plans… Read More »Around The Hub – Thursday thoughts

Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure Soars into New Adventure

In her second direct-to-DVD animated movie, Tinker Bell, the world’s most famous pixie, sets off on an adventure that takes her away from Pixie Hollow, and toward a new friendship. Along the way she makes mistakes, learns some lessons, and, in the end, saves the… Read More »Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure Soars into New Adventure

D23 Expo brings BIG Disney movie news

It was a big day at the D23 Expo in Anaheim for fans of Disney movies. Key talent and filmmakers from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ upcoming slate of movies were on hand at the D23 Expo, made some surprise appearances. Alas photography and video… Read More »D23 Expo brings BIG Disney movie news

Disney vastly expands Comic-Con presence

In these economic hard times, Disney is returning to their base — the fans. Outside of cyberspace, the number one place film fans congregate is Comic-Con each year in San Diego. So I’m not surprised to see Disney growing their presence at the event this year.

Alas, I’m no where near San Diego this time of year. So if you’re going I’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to.

See below the cut for all of Disney’s offerings.

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Did OSCAR change Bext Picture Rules to Help Pixar?

Next year there will be 10 movies nominated for and Academy Award for Best Picture instead of the usual 5. Something the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president said made me thing this change should be called the ‘Pixar rule’. “I would not… Read More »Did OSCAR change Bext Picture Rules to Help Pixar?

3D ‘A Christmas Carol’ brings motion picture madness to Disney

Depending on how you define animation, The Walt Disney Company actually has two major animated films coming out this holiday season. “The Princess and The Frog”, Walt Disney Animation Studios return to hand drawn animation is opening December 11th, but before that Disney will enter a new era of animation with its first 3D Motion Picture capture movie “A Christmas Carol”, which will hit theaters on November 8th.


A few minutes of footage were screened at Cannes this week and we got our first look as Jim Carrey as Scrooge (click above for larger image). You’ll also be able to experience an early look at the film as the ‘Christmas Carol Train Tour’ makes 40 stops around the country beginning this weekend. Click below the cut for the full schedule.


Actor Jim Carrey, actress Robin Wright Penn and actor Colin Firth attend Walt Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ Photo Call and Press Conference at the Carlton Hotel during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2009 in Cannes, France. (Photo Courtesy Disney, Jeff Vespa/ ©Imagemovers Digital, LLC. )

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