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Did OSCAR change Bext Picture Rules to Help Pixar?

Next year there will be 10 movies nominated for and Academy Award for Best Picture instead of the usual 5. Something the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences president said made me thing this change should be called the ‘Pixar rule’.

“I would not be telling you the truth if I said the words ‘Dark Knight’ did not come up.” Sidney Ganis, the academy’s president, said. The other film usually mentioned in the same breath there is “WALL-E” or whatever Pixar Film was in the theaters that year.

I think “UP’ now has a very good chance of being nominated for a Best Picture Oscar this year. And That should make The Walt Disney Company very happy.

(via the NY Times)

4 thoughts on “Did OSCAR change Bext Picture Rules to Help Pixar?”

  1. This is a bit frustrating. I’m already a huge fan of Pixar, and if it deserves to be in the category, I’m all for it.

    But it seems like increasing the number of nominees is just allowing more of the overhyped, big-star movies that we’ve seen in the last few years get a nomination. The Oscars recently have become more of a popularity contest than an actual show based on quality and art (which is why there was such a backlash for “Dark Knight”–everyone loved it, so why wasn’t it there?). Increasing the number just means more cheerleaders are on the podium instead of the one deserving honor scholar.

    Plus, the show’s just going to be that much longer. Have there even BEEN 10 movies this year deserving of the title? Not that I’ve heard…

  2. It’s about time SOMETHING was done to widen the the variety of Best Picture winners. Too many Disney (Or Pixar) Animated features – as well as beloved blockbusters – have been stiffed on not just the Award, but even nominations.

  3. It’s great that they did something but at the same time it’s insulting. “We know you deserve to be nominated but too many members only like period dramas so here, instead of being one of the five best films of the year we’ll call you one of the TEN.” So much for the honor just to be nominated.

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