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Michael Jackson, aka Captain EO, dead.

Lots of sad news today including the announcement that the King of Pop Michael Jackson has died in Los Angeles at the age of 50 while in training for his big comeback tour. Our hearts to out to the family and friends of Jackson.

There is something everyone reading this blog has in common with Michael Jackson. We are all Disney fans. Michael got to live out many of his Disney fantasies going so far as to have an attraction featuring him appear in the theme parks. He also loved to tour Disney’s many theme parks and share his love with friends and family. No matter what else is talked about, we know exactly how he felt about that.

So here in his honor is the complete video of Captain EO in two parts from youtube.

Part One:

Part two:

12 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, aka Captain EO, dead.”

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  3. Rest in peace MJ. I really wish and pray they could bring back Captain EO its truly one of the best childhood memories I have. My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

    1. Yes I agree! This was one of my most favorite things to watch at Disneyland!!!! We love Michael!!!! I never liked honey I shrunk the audience. I was so sad when it was gone. What an iconic short film, and costing over 30 million to make!

  4. Disney should just bring it back. Show the film again and even have the shirts and other offers back up… Honey I Shrunk the Audience is terrible. This NEEDS to come back. Worst mistake Disney ever made. Even worked there, and my first question was, “hot to get EO?” This was quickly dismissed. Disney FAILED big time because of this and I stopped going so much. PLEASE disneyland bring this back… you really lost alot of fans with this one…

  5. Disney should bring this back in his honor. I loved this attraction the most when I first saw it. It made the highlight of my visit.

  6. Yes, Bring Captain EO back. Definitely. Someone have to keep telling and showing How Great He was……Disney should take that role…

  7. In the early 90’s I have wonderful memories of going to Disneyland and watching for the first time along with my wife & 3sons “Captain EO staring Micheal Jackson” Its a memory that will never leave my heart. Bring back Captain EO and let the memories continue! That’s whats Disneyland’s all about! Memories Forever! RIP MJ you’ll always be in our hearts & the memories will last forever!

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