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Videopolis: Disney Princess Acapella Medley

Some of my favorite Disney fan videos are acapella medleys of classic Disney tunes. These are the ones where all the sounds you hear are made by the people you see in the video. We’re excited to share our latest discovery with you today. It’s… Read More »Videopolis: Disney Princess Acapella Medley

Videopolis: Remember Me from Pixar’s Coco

After seeing Pixar’s “Coco” the first time I couldn’t get the song “Remember Me” out of my head. It turns out neither could a lot of people. Some of them turned to their guitars and ukulele’s to recreate the moving song and uploaded them to… Read More »Videopolis: Remember Me from Pixar’s Coco

Videopolis: You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story

Pixar’s first full length computer animated feature film “Toy Story” features a wonderful soundtrack from Randy Newman. It’s theme song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” is still instantly familiar to fans everywhere. So we’re excited to feature a unique flute-only cover of the song… Read More »Videopolis: You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story

Videopolis: EPCOT Piano Medley

With EPCOT’s 35th Anniversary just over a month away, and given the events in the news this week, we all need a little more of what EPCOT stands for in our lives. Thanks to pianist Gijs Van Winkelhof, if you can’t visit right now, you… Read More »Videopolis: EPCOT Piano Medley