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Videopolis: Remember Me from Pixar’s Coco

After seeing Pixar’s “Coco” the first time I couldn’t get the song “Remember Me” out of my head. It turns out neither could a lot of people. Some of them turned to their guitars and ukulele’s to recreate the moving song and uploaded them to YouTube. I spent a lot of time watching them this weekend and here are a few of my favorites:

Katherine Lyle cries at the end of her rendition filmed after a Thanksgiving viewing of “Coco.”

This one from Mayte, who lives in Mexico where “Coco” has been out for a month already, is a little more upbeat and in Spanish:

Bailey Pelkman breaks out her guitar and adds a bit of country lilt to the lullaby, she also performs both English and Spanish verses:

Such a beautiful song, you can see why it is inspiring so many covers. Reminds me a bit of the song from “Lava” with an emotional bell being rung. I wonder if Pixar is feeling confident enough about adding music to its movies that it might make a full movie musical in the future.