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Videopolis: Disney Princess Acapella Medley

Some of my favorite Disney fan videos are acapella medleys of classic Disney tunes. These are the ones where all the sounds you hear are made by the people you see in the video. We’re excited to share our latest discovery with you today. It’s a Disney Princess medley sung by two men – Jonatan Moser & Daniel Coz.

We’ve featured YouTuber Daniel Coz here on The Disney Blog’s Videopolis series before. This video is a collaboration with an artist from half a world away – Denmark.

Hint Jump to minute 0:39 if you want to skip the introduction.

Looks like they had a lot of fun making this video.

Moser was excited to see that Coz was a subscriber to his YouTube channel, so he reached out to see if he’d be interested in a collaboration. Coz and Moser worked on the video for six months to come up with an arrangement that would suit both their styles and coordinate the recording.

According to Moser, “The hardest parts of this long-distance collab was probably the time difference (for obvious reasons), but also the arranging of the entire thing. I have never done a medley of my own arranging before, and this proved more work and planning than I first thought. I’m really happy with our result though, and I think Daniel did such a great job on the visuals as well!”

What do you think of the Disney Princess Medley?