• Videopolis: “Married Life” from Pixar’s Up cover

    Today’s Videopolis is a marvelous cover of the beautiful “married life” segment of Pixar’s animated masterpiece “Up,” composed by Michael Giacchino. It comes from flutist Gina Luciani who performs six different Flute tracks to make her one woman cover. I recognize the piccolo, a classic flute, alto flute, and a…

  • Disney in Real Life: Dug the Dog

    Pixar’s much loved feature film “Up” takes curmudgeonly Carl Fredricksen and “Wilderness Explorer” Russell on an adventure. Along the way they meet a talking dog named Dug. But what if Dug was a dog in real life? A new digital series “Disney IRL” aims to find out. In the hidden…

  • How Pixar uses music to make you cry

    Pixar Animation Studios are acknowledged masters at the craft of animation. If you had to pick a specialty of theirs, it’s the big emotional moment that’s not afraid to make you tear up (at a minimum). But how do they do that? There’s a great new video that looks at…

  • Up Crafts for Disney Movie Night
    Up Crafts for Disney Movie Night

    From Disney Style comes a trio of Pixar “Up” inspired crafts to throw your own Disney movie night. Grape Soda Pin is an iconic moment from Pixar’s Up and the perfect accessory for your “Up” themed movie night. . Up Adventure Map Luminaries, perfect to display your globe-trotting spirit

  • What if Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s Up?
    What if Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s Up?

    This new fan-cut trailer for Pixar’s Up imagines what it would be like if Michael Bay directed. Let’s just say there would be a lot more explosions: Over 2 million views in less than a week! I’m pretty sure the original version of Up was perfect as it is, but…

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