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Disney in Real Life: Dug the Dog


Pixar’s much loved feature film “Up” takes curmudgeonly Carl Fredricksen and “Wilderness Explorer” Russell on an adventure. Along the way they meet a talking dog named Dug. But what if Dug was a dog in real life? A new digital series “Disney IRL” aims to find out.


In the hidden camera video, surprised park-goers meet an adorable stray dog – but little do they know, the dog is a real-life Dug, equipped with a collar that translates his barks into English. Watch as excited kids meet their first real “talking dog”

Pixar voice actor Bob Peterson returned to provide the voice of Dug for this video. This video, and upcoming entries in the new series will be featured on Disney’s “Oh My Disney” YouTube channel.

What would you ask a talking dog?