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Astro Orbiter Catches Fire, Tomorrowland Evacuated

Update: Tomorrowland has reopened. Astro Orbiter remains closed after power outage and small fire. Here’s a pic of a Firetruck exiting Tomorrowland after the fire was put out. Update #2: In a story in the Orlando Sentinel, Disney claims that the fire was nothing more… Read More »Astro Orbiter Catches Fire, Tomorrowland Evacuated

State of the Magic Kingdom

I was talking with someone this weekend about the sad state of Splash Mountain, I’m sorry I can’t recall who, and the discussion turned to Magic Kingdom’s VP Phil Holmes. Apparently, Phil believes that the park has serious capacity issues to the point where only… Read More »State of the Magic Kingdom

Worker’s Comp, Worker’s Comp

A Disney World cast member working the Tomorrowland Speedway at the Magic Kingdom suffered a broken leg in an incident Sunday afternoon. Apparently the employee was struck by a guest in one of the attraction’s themed cars. The cars only travel 7 mph at max… Read More »Worker’s Comp, Worker’s Comp

Captain EO to change the world again

In 1986, twenty-three years ago and near the top of his power as an entertainer, Michael Jackson joined forces with Disney to create “Captain EO,” a 17-minute 3D film. The Disneyland Resort has now confirmed that the classic musical spectacular that thrilled park guests from… Read More »Captain EO to change the world again

Some Sunday Sundries – Disney News Links

I’ve got whatever stomach virus that has been going around the Orlando area. So I apologize for the light blogging this weekend. Here are some links to what I’ve found interesting over the last few days. High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the valedictorian… Read More »Some Sunday Sundries – Disney News Links

1956 Disneyland Film from Barstow Family

Via comes this amazing video of a family from Connecticut who won a great contest to Disneyland in 1956. It’s chock full of cheesy humor and corny jokes, and a great look at Disneyland’s earliest days. The 30 minute video also includes stops at… Read More »1956 Disneyland Film from Barstow Family