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Some Sunday Sundries – Disney News Links

I’ve got whatever stomach virus that has been going around the Orlando area. So I apologize for the light blogging this weekend. Here are some links to what I’ve found interesting over the last few days.

  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year is the valedictorian at the box office this weekend with a total take of over $42 million. It also grossed over $40 million overseas. Like there was ever any doubt, but it looks like Disney has another hit.
  • Obsessed with Film reports that Crispin Glover has joined the cast of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. He’ll play the Knave of Hearts.
  • Vintage Disneyland Tickets has a look at a 1967 WED Enterprises brochure detailing the Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction.
  • FoxFurr has another amazing post that details the unfortunate history of Tomorrowland. I always learn something reading FoxFurr’s columns, this time I learned the difference between ‘Presentational’ and ‘Story’ based theming.
  • DisneyGossip has posted a rather detailed rumor about the possiblity of a new transportation system coming to Walt Disney World. PodCars, essentially the modern version of Disney’s Peoplemover system, are being considered to replace the bus system that has been unable to adjust to growing needs and odd traffic patterns of the new WDW Resort which has about half again as many hotel rooms as just a few years ago.
  • Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney will host a trick or treating event on October 30th and 31st. That’s nice for locals who already visited Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party or just refuse to pay $45 to do so.
  • Want to get married at a Disney theme park? Check out these Fairy Tale Wedding packages from Tokyo Disney Resort. No prices listed on the site, but I bet it’s a pretty penny.
  • Good Morning America’s Chris Coumo interviewed Tinker Bell star of the new direct to DVD movie from Disney. It’s a cute piece that introduces the audience to each new fairy character. But otherwise, synergistic fluff.
  • Alain Littaye details the free ‘Bolt’ game available to owners of the iPhone or iPod Touch. Looks like fun and it’s free. Anyone want to loan me their iPhone for a few weeks?
  • I really enjoyed Michael’s tour of Front Street in Celebration, FL over on All Things Disney blog. It’s a great way to spend a half-day if you’re overwhelmed by crowds at the parks.

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