ticket prices



As sure as the Earth goes round our sun, Disney’s US theme parks have raised their admission prices again.

As predicted the Walt Disney World one-day ticket price for the Magic Kingdom broke the $100 barrier increasing by $6 to $105. The other three Orlando parks – Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios – only rose $3 from $94 to $97. That’s $2 less than originally thought.

On the other coast, a one-day adult admission to Disneyland or Disney California Adventure will rise from $96 to $99. Prices for children ages 3 to 9 will rise from $90 to $93. A Premium annual pass with parking and no blackout dates will go up from $699 to $779. Almost a full day increase, but still a value if you go just 10 days a year.

I don’t really blame Disney. One of the big complaints I hear is crowds in the park. People were used to crowds during the busy season, but now it seems busy season all year long. Raising prices could help cap the crowds.


As they say on ABC’s hit show “Once Upon A Time,” magic has a price. If the magic you want to experience is one of Disney’s theme parks, that price has just increased… again. This time with tax and fees it now costs more than $101 to buy a one day, one park ticket to Disney World. Disneyland is a little cheaper at $92 (no sales tax on theme park tickets in California). With attendance at both resorts still very strong, I’m not surprised by the move.

At Disneyland the cost to buy a one park, one day adult admission is now $92 while 9 and under is $86. The adult price is a 5.7% increase. If you want to hop between the two gates at Disneyland you’ll have to pay $137 for an adult (a 9.7% increase) or $131 for a child. With a stiff increase like that, Disneyland must want to discourage park hopping.

At Walt Disney World an adult one day, one park admission is now $95 and 9 and under is $89. Disney World wants to encourage you to stay longer, so a 5 day one park per day pass only went up five dollars to $265 (9 and under is $244). That’s a much more reasonable $53 a day admission price.