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Multi-Day Ticket Prices at Walt Disney World see Price Jump

Walt Disney World has increased prices for day tickets overnight. Disney switched to date specific flex pricing, which means that what you pay for admission depends on both which park you’re visiting, and whether it’s a high season, regular, or value day. You save more by booking longer visits and can add on benefits like park hopping.

The lowest price for a one-day ticket is unchanged from the last increase in 2019 at $109 as is the highest priced one-day ticket at $159. There is less of a discount on those multi-day tickets however. For example: a 10-day ticket now costs between $52 and $67 a day depending on how busy the park is forecast to be.

Want to add on the Park Hopping feature? You’ll now be paying an extra $5 a ticket with prices ranging from $65 to $85 depending on how many days of tickets you’re purchasing.

  • 1-day: $70
  • 2-3 day: $75
  • 4-10 day: $85

The Park Hopper Plus option includes access to the water parks, ESPN WWOS, the Oak Trail Golf Course, Footgolf, NBA Experience, and Disney’s two putt putt golf courses. It will now cost you $20 more than the Park Hopper by itself, broken down as above. 

To find out how the price increases will impact you, we recommend talking to a travel agent before you decide the exact dates for your travel. A change of a few days can sometimes make a big difference in the price of your vacation thanks to these new flex-date pricing rules.

It’s interesting that the quoted lowest price of a one-day ticket stayed at $109. Perhaps Disney thinks they’ve reached a limit on what people are willing to pay for a single-day admission.

The other thing to note is that when you’re planning a visit of 3 or more days, it really pays to buy your ticket in advance as Disney charges more for a walk-up price. You also don’t get the advantage of booking Fastpasses in advance, something that can add a lot of enjoyment to your visit. 

Those planning to visit multiple times a year may still find value in a Walt Disney World Annual Pass, however the price for those increased overnight as well

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