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Walt Disney World bumps Annual Pass Prices overnight

Annual Passes are a way for Disney theme park fans who love to visit Walt Disney World’s parks to save a little extra money on their admission with the savings adding up over repeated visits. Disney offers annual passes as a way to build fan loyalty, but has to balance the demand for the passes with the theoretical capacity of the parks. 

Walt Disney World is also going through a massive period of construction having just opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and adding new attractions to EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom in the next year or so. That money has to come from somewhere, right?

New Annual Pass Prices and differences

  • Disney Platinum Plus Pass: $1,295 — an increase of $76.
  • Platinum Plus Pass (FL Resident): $999 — no increase
  • Disney Platinum Pass: $1,195 — an increase of $76
  • Platinum Pass (FL Resident): $899 — no increase
  • Gold Annual Pass (for DVC members and FL residents only): $719 – a $20 increase
  • Silver Annual Pass (FL residents only): $539 – a $20 increase
  • Epcot After 4 pass: $319 – a jump of $10
  • Premier Pass, (admission to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland: $2,199 — a $100 jump.

The last increase in admission prices was June 2019, which included big hikes for Platinum Plus and Platinum Annual Passes, which might explain while the Florida resident rates for those two levels did not increase.

Note: that while you do get a discount for renewing your annual pass, that price effectively increased as well with this jump. 

I’ve always judged the value of an annual pass based on how many days I plan to visit each year. For Florida Residents a Gold Pass still pays for itself if you plan to visit around 11 or more days a year, especially when you factor in the price of parking. The value point varies for non-residents who might plan one or two long visits to the park over the course of a year as discounts for daily admission can add up when you buy 10 day park hoppers and may include some bonus admissions. Best to talk to a travel agent about your options.

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