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Disney Villains Cursed Caravan debuts at Villains After Hours

Guests attending Villains After Hours at the Magic Kingdom will enjoy a new addition to the evening’s entertainment lineup. “Villains Cursed Caravan” is a character cavalcade featuring iconic villains like the Queen of Hearts (as a face character!!!), and for the first time Ursula the Sea Witch that makes its way through the park twice during the event. We were invited to attend Disney Villains After Hours and found the “Cursed Caravan” to be a wickedly fun addition.

The caravan opens with Gaston from Beauty and the Beast on horseback and ends with the Maleficent dragon float from the daytime Festival of Fantasy parade. Also in the cavalcade are Lady Tremaine and Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters, Cruella de Vil, Captain Hook, Oogie Boogie, Big Bad Wolf, and Bowler Hat Guy. 

We captured the first showing on the event’s opening night on video to watch here:

The Queen of Hearts unit was great as they’d worked out a little choreography and having the Queen as a face character allowed her to have better interaction with guests along the parade route. This is also the first appearance in the US for Ursula as her own parade unit. It had an impressive range of motion and drew a lot of attention from guests. 

Last year’s Villains After Hours event just had the Maleficent float making its way around the park, so the Cursed Caravan is an upgrade to what was already a villainous night of fun.

There are two times for the caravan, one shortly after the first castle show and the other around 11:30pm. They both start in Frontierland, but only the second continues down main street. The first just does a loop in front of the castle then heads back through Frontierland.

At the end of the night some of the villains head up to the Walt Disney World Railroad Main Street Station to wish departing guests a farewell.

The new Cursed Caravan may be a short parade, but it packs an evil punch as part of a fun line up of entertainment for the event. Disney Villains After Hours runs on select nights now through July 10, 2020.

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