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Ticket prices for Disney’s theme parks rise ahead of new attractions

Shocking almost no one, both Disneyland and Walt Disney World have shifted theme park admission prices skyward on most daily tickets and annual passports. Increasing the cost of a vacation is one way Disney can help keep crowd levels at manageable levels, so if you’ve complained about the the parks being very crowded lately, this is Disney answering your call. A one-day park ticket to the Magic Kingdom now tops out at $129 during peak season.

Disney will maintain the seasonal flex pricing structure at its theme parks, meaning you pay more when the parks are expected to be busier. It’s broken up into value, regular, and peak seasons. Most tickets went up in all seasons, however, the cost of a value one-day parkhopper at Disneyland actually dropped by $10. Good news for families who can take a day off mid-week in the value season.

Annual passholders can expect to pay more as well. Walt Disney World annual passes increased by as much as 10%. Disneyland annual passes increased by up to 18%. If you want to spring for Disney’s most expensive annual passport it will cost you 10% more or $1,579. For that price you get into all four Disney World parks and both Disneyland parks.

Ticket prices were raised on the same weekend one year ago. With Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening on both coasts next year, I would not be surprised to see ticket prices increase again sometime before then. We’ve also heard that Walt Disney World will expand the concept of seasonal pricing beyond 1-day park admission to multiple day tickets.

Disney’s ticket system means the longer you visit the resorts, the less you pay each day to enter the parks. A five day park hopper at Disneyland works out to $74 a day. At that price the break even point for a Signature Pro annual passport is around 13 days a year (15 if you don’t include the costs of parking). If you visit more often than that, you should get the AP.

At Walt Disney World, a 10-day parkhopper is just $52 a day. At that price Platinum Plus passport would take 16 days to break even, or 18 days if you don’t factor in parking costs.

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