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Disney’s Broadway Stars take the stage at D23 Expo

This last Saturday, Disney asked three of its Broadway musical ‘originals’ to perform a Disney musical medley at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. These performers all originated the role on Broadway, even after they’d been made famous by someone else, not an easy task. But… Read More »Disney’s Broadway Stars take the stage at D23 Expo

Videopolis: Trashin’ The Camp A Capella

Okay. Part of the magic of “Trashin’ The Camp” from Disney’s animated feature Tarzan was that it involved music that was made from every day objects found around a jungle camp. Today’s videopolis takes that concept and turns it into an A Capella masterpiece based… Read More »Videopolis: Trashin’ The Camp A Capella

John Carter Might See New Life on Film

Disney’s take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs “John Carter of Mars” books was a disappointment in many ways. The studio failed to market and promote it in a way that non-fans would understand and first time director Andrew Stanton was unable to fully realize his… Read More »John Carter Might See New Life on Film

John Carter – International Introduction Featurette

Disney has just released a new featurette with the goal to introduce the international markets to the movie John Carter. But I think there are plenty of great moments for everyone to see. John Carter the newest movie from Academy Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton is… Read More »John Carter – International Introduction Featurette