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Don’t Write Off Tarzan The Musical Just Yet

A critical failure and box office weakling Disney’s Tarzan The Musical lasted just over a year on Broadway. However, fans of Disney’s story should not give up hope. A new version of the play is being worked on up the coast in Boston.

The North Shore Musical theater is premiering a road show production of the musical this month. Original writer David Henry Hwang has returned to make improvements to the broadway version.

With a lot of works underway at Disney Theatrical (plus add The Little Mermaid road production and Dumbo to that list), we could shortly be seeing the golden age for Disney’s stage division.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Write Off Tarzan The Musical Just Yet”

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  2. I truly hope this gets back on track! I love this movie more than most and went to opening night of Previews on Broadway and it was tragic. The soundtrack was amazing but the set design was non-existent and, quite frankly, an embarrassment to Disney Imagineers everywhere. Hopefully this re-boot will take a few cues from the former “Tarzan ROCKS” show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and incorporate THOSE stunts!

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