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Disney On Broadway: Your Hopes & Dreams?


Here is another series I am going to try out here, all about what YOU want to see. The articles will short, but I am hoping the comments is where real conversation can be had on various topics.

As many may know, I am a huge Broadway fan, so every time word gets out that Disney Theatricals is working on a new project, I become immediately excited. Recently, they have announced stage adaptations of The Princess Bride, Father of the Bride, Dumbo and The Hunchback of Notre Dame in the works for either Broadway or the West End. The much beloved Aladdin will be premiering on the Great White Way this Spring, bringing Disney’s total currently on Broadway back to three.

With the success of Frozen, however, many have speculated that this is bound to hit NYC within a few years. Many people say “How can you bring those huge ice and snow landscapes on stage,” but similar questions were asked when they decided to bring The Lion King to Broadway. Heck, Beauty and the Beast made the leap from screen to stage in 3 years.

So, here are the questions I’d like you to answer in the comments:

  1. Is Frozen a good choice for a Broadway show?
  2. Is there a failed Disney Theatricals show that you would like to see come back? (Tarzan, On The Record, etc.)
  3. Of the 4 mentioned that are being worked on, which is your most anticipated?
  4. What Disney film would you love to see brought to the stage?

Let me know your answers in the comments so we can get the conversation started! I will leave you with the Broadway and Beyond concert from this past year’s D23 Expo which was fantastic. Until next time…Have a Magical Day!