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John Carter Might See New Life on Film


Disney’s take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs “John Carter of Mars” books was a disappointment in many ways. The studio failed to market and promote it in a way that non-fans would understand and first time director Andrew Stanton was unable to fully realize his vision due to last minute budget changes.

Fans of this seminal science fiction adventure will be happy to hear that the Walt Disney Studios has let the rights revert back to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc and that ERB will be actively pursuing a new studio to continue the series.

“John Carter of Mars was the creative stimulus behind such movie classics as Superman, Star Wars and Avatar,” said James Sullos, President in a statement last year. “Edgar Rice Burroughs was the Master of Adventure and his literary works continue to enjoy a world-wide following. We will be seeking a new partner to help develop new adventures on film as chronicled in the eleven Mars novels Burroughs wrote. This adventure never stops.”

The current lead contender for continuing the franchise is Warner Bros who also has a new Tarzan film in development.

Would you be interested in more movies from Barsoom and the world of John Carter? Who do you think should direct the next film?