Star Wars

New Star Tours video released

The Star Wars convention Celebration V is in Orlando this weekend and Disney has used the moment to debut a new video that teases the upcoming changes to its Star Tours attraction. The video was introduced by Imagineer Jason Surrell, and C-3PO himself, actor Anthony… Read More »New Star Tours video released

Pixar Characters redrawn as Star Wars

I found these drawings of Pixar characters as Star Wars characters to be particularly fun. Disney does create new Star Wars themed Disney toys every year for Star Wars Weekends, so perhaps they’ll find some way to partner with this artist for his ideas.

Star Wars Weekends Advertising Art

One of the great new traditions of Star Wars Weekends is the wonderful advertising posters that place Star Wars characters in situations at Disney theme parks that you might not otherwise suspect. Typically these are given to cast members who work the event as a… Read More »Star Wars Weekends Advertising Art

Star Wars Weekends 2010 Guest List Announced

May 21st is the 30th anniversary of the premier of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It’s also the first day of this year’s Star Wars Weekends event at Disneys Hollywood Studios. The host and guest list for each of the four weekends has just… Read More »Star Wars Weekends 2010 Guest List Announced

Star Tours II – Details Leak Out

When Star Tours II (aka Star Tours 2.0) was officially announced at D23 they showed some 3D podracer footage with your StarSpeeder actually racing along the Tatooine course. While the footage was amazingly cool, it led to some speculation that the whole show would be… Read More »Star Tours II – Details Leak Out

Star Tours 2.0 In 3D Arriving in 2011

Update: New Video of the Star Tours II 3D footage that was shown at the expo below. The eventually arrival of Star Tours 2.0 was worst kept secret over the last few years. From artists at Lucasfilm talking about their work to Anthony Daniels reporting… Read More »Star Tours 2.0 In 3D Arriving in 2011

Around the Hub – Disney News and Links

Time to close a few open tabs again: Win a chance to sleep inside Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Four lucky souls will get their chance via 99.5 KLOS. Your last chance to enter is this Friday. There’s a Flash Mob Protest against the Iran election planned… Read More »Around the Hub – Disney News and Links