Star Wars

I love this collection of Bootleg Disney Toys. Some of them are so 'on model' that its hard to believe Disney didn't release them, well except for the cheesy packaging and poor quality molds, etc... 'Joe' also has a wide collection of other bootleg toys to peruse. (Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pixar's A Bug's
Disney World has been taken over by the red shirts this last week. No, it's not some Trekkie convention of sacrificed ensigns, nor is it a star wars fest (although those overlapped some). It is the 2005 Gay Days event; an annual event that brings 130,000-150,000 fine and well funded gay and lesbian tourists to
If you haven't been following the writings of Darth Vader on his 'darthside' blog, then you've been missing out on some very humorous, but also poignant, writing. Today's post wraps up the blog as Vader prepares for his final moments of confrontation with his destiny. I wouldn't qualify myself as a Star Wars Uber-fan, but
Coming Soon! reports from "Celebration III" the Star Wars fan convention, that George Lucas has confirmed Star Tours will be getting a new film at Disney/MGM Studios. Don't know if this will come to Disneyland immediately or not. I guess the next question is will the attraction vehicles be outfitted with new digital projection technology.