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More Speculation on Cause of Accident

OC Reg story says: There was no word from investigators as to the cause of the crash. However, some passengers reported that the purple coaster stopped about 20 to 30 feet from the docking station because an empty car was blocking the tracks. Passengers including Bromagen reported that while the purple car sat waiting for… Read More »More Speculation on Cause of Accident

Images from of Coaster Collision

This image from (more images with the story) shows the two roller coaster trains together. The Purple train ran into the back of the red train that sits to the right of the image. They are in a braking zone. The railing on the right of the track is an emergency unloading zone if… Read More »Images from of Coaster Collision

Breaking: Crash at California Adventure Coaster

There has been a crash on California Screamin’ the big coaster at California Adventure, the second gate at Disneyland Resort. TV images and reports indicate that one train stopped partially out of the final braking zone and a second train ran into the back of it. The LA Times reports that over 60 guests were… Read More »Breaking: Crash at California Adventure Coaster

Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida is facing a lawsuit from an amputee who wasn’t allowed to ride Montu, a roller-coaster where guests sit and legs dangle as they travel through multiple loops. This time its businessman Cary Frounfelter who manufacturers and sells artificial limbs. Frounfelter was taken off the ride while his 10-year old daughter… Read More »Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Behind the scenes with Dave Stafford

Dave Stafford, another of the incredibly talented animators that the Disney Company let slip away, is interviewed in the VFXBlog (after you’re done with this interview, read the rest of the blog it’s great!). In addition to dishing the dirt on his most recent project, David Duchovny’s ‘House of D’, he waxes about his work… Read More »Behind the scenes with Dave Stafford


A few housekeeping notes. First, I’m thinking of switching my feeds from full to abridged. I know there are a few of you out there in feedland that read The Disney Blog. Alas, since so few click through I have no way of accurately counting. Plus, there is a huge trend for blog spammers to… Read More »Mousekeeping

Blogging at Disney

Bloggers blog links to this article about Corporate Blogging at Red Herring. Apparently there is heavy use of blogging tools inside the corporate firewalls. I’m suprised there is so little of it available for the public to read. Aside from some Podcasting at the May 5th event at Disneyland, can you think of any other… Read More »Blogging at Disney

Bambi Devotion

David from over on Seward St, gives a second hand report on the Big Screen debut of the digitally restored print of Bambi. What’s interesting about this post is reading how an animator views the masterpieces — "You could see up there on the screen the artist’s hand in motion."