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Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

Cory at BoingBoing links to another story of a ‘rogue’ tour guide, this time author and Disneyland historian Dave Koenig, being asked not to give tours on Disney property. Does Disneyland really need all this bad publicity? Who is making the decisions up there, Goofy? I agree that Disney has the right to control tour… Read More »Disneyland’s itching for more bad publicity

Secrets of The Incredibles

Okay. You’ve owned your DVD of Pixar’s The Incredibles for a few weeks now, have watched it at least four times (onces normal, once with both commentaries, and once more to catch all the little things you missed the first three times) and nwo you are wearing a laser rut through the special features. What… Read More »Secrets of The Incredibles

Muppets up for Webby?

Webby Nominations are out. Disney related nominees include The Muppets website has been nominated for a Webby in the celebrity/fan section (???). Themepark Insider has been nominated in the Guides/Ratings/Reviews section. ESPN for Sports. Register now to vote in the People’s Voice awards.

Baby Rhino at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Walt Disney World animal care team has been excited as Kendi, a first-time mom, welcomed her new baby daughter, Kayla, to Disney’s Animal Kingdom family. LPwire reports that a baby Rhino has been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Can’t wait to see Kendi out of the savannah and will post pics as soon as… Read More »Baby Rhino at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration

Steve has posted the latest Walt Disney World CM free gift. It’s a poster celebrating the 50 years of themepark dominence by the Walt Disney Company. Topped by the original park, Disneyland and including the four other locations around the world that Disney has expanded this concept. I note a few errors here. First Disneyland’s… Read More »Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration

Wow! What a trip it’s been

I’m back. Did you miss me? We took a few days longer getting across country than I had planned. Then to top it all off some of our house had to be loaded on a second truck and that truck was delayed by bad weather. But now my computer’s various parts are all assembled together… Read More »Wow! What a trip it’s been

Disney at Conservative Convention

One of the few major corporations to have a presence at the Conservative Policatical Action Committee (CPAC) Convention, The Walt Disney Company is pressing to have its stance on banning peer-to-peer technology accepted by the far right. Radley at thinks Disney should be careful with whom they sleep. The same group just came out… Read More »Disney at Conservative Convention

Disney auctions off more history!

Disney is set to auction off more of its history. This time a couple of attraction vehicles from Disneyland including an old skyway car and a space mountain vechicle. Looks like these were the vehicles that had been hanging in the Rocket Rod’s queue. That queue is now part of the exciting Buzz Lightyear ride… Read More »Disney auctions off more history!