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Disney auctions off more history!

Disney is set to auction off more of its history. This time a couple of attraction vehicles from Disneyland including an old skyway car and a space mountain vechicle. Looks like these were the vehicles that had been hanging in the Rocket Rod’s queue. That queue is now part of the exciting Buzz Lightyear ride (possible soft openings as soon as next week, I hear). 

$4,250 for the Skyway car already with 7 days to go. (via)


With their usual thoughtfulness Disney has added a second Skyway car (this time yellow) to the auction block. Even better, it’s set to close a day before the blue one. I’m sure there are some PO’d bidders out there. Why not wait until the blue one has closed before putting the yellow one up. You’ll build up demand and won’t upset your customers.