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Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration

50thcelebposter2Steve has posted the latest Walt Disney World CM free gift. It’s a poster celebrating the 50 years of themepark dominence by the Walt Disney Company. Topped by the original park, Disneyland and including the four other locations around the world that Disney has expanded this concept.

I note a few errors here. First Disneyland’s castle is not tall enough to be at the top, but I understand the spirit behind placing at the top of the poster. Second, the Hong Kong Disneyland castle is an almost exact duplicate of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. The blueprints shown in this poster indicates it’s more like Tokyo’s or Orlando’s.

I’m looking forward to seeing more great merchandise associated with the anniversary show up at WDW. In the meantime check out some of the stuff already available at Disneyland.

Update: has just posted a story with a look at some of the upcoming collectibles that the Disney Catalog will be releasing. *drool*

3 thoughts on “Pic of CM only poster for Disneyland’s 50th Celebration”

  1. Hello,

    Is this the official Disney poster?

    Will any other posters noting the 50th year anniversary be made?

    Where can I order the above poster?


    – Andy –

  2. i’m looking for a poster… picture of Cinderella’s Castle under construction at Disney World. I belive there are 3 different “views”. thank you

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