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Steve Jobs avoids criminal charges in backdated options probe

Mercury News reports that Steve Jobs has been found to be in the clear when it comes to criminal charges related to the backdated options he received as CEO. Backdating isn’t always illegal, but steps must be followed, including disclosure rules. In Apple’s case, the company has admitted the grant to Jobs, approved in December… Read More »Steve Jobs avoids criminal charges in backdated options probe

Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

Hong Kong Disneyland officially opens September 12th. But via the magic of the internet here’s a quick pointer to some great merchandise from the park. has managed to secure availability of some souveniers and pins that are exclusive to the new theme park. I’m thinking of getting this Stitch Mug myself. Update: I forgot… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

Hong Kong Woes

Disney has high hopes that its new park, its second in Asia after Tokyo, will be able to exploit the potentially vast market in China and the rest of the continent. It has even engaged in a sponsorship deal with China’s Communist Youth League and designed the park’s layout with the help of feng shui… Read More »Hong Kong Woes

Hong Kong Disneyland, the conspiracy files…

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Public Relations Department must feel like they’re under attack. Now it’s college students alledging that the Hong Kong government is secretly cutting Disney some slack when it comes to laws and regulations. At the same time back in the states Disney is fighting off accusations that the independant auditor they hired to… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland, the conspiracy files…

Joe Ranft: Pixar Remembers

Remembrances and and tributes to the late Joe Ranft, head of story at Pixar, keep rolling in. In light of the 10th Anniversary of Toy Story, the film that drew Joe to Pixar, I wanted to shed light on a few of those posts. Susan posts a few insights from the family’s memorial for Joe,… Read More »Joe Ranft: Pixar Remembers

Disney World and Hurricane Katrina

Looks like Florida is about to get hit by its second hurricane force storm this year. That’s two with the whole months of September and October to go. Hurricane Katrina, if the storm reaches 75 MPH sustained winds, is currently forecast to stay well south of the central Florida attraction area including the Walt Disney… Read More »Disney World and Hurricane Katrina

Joe Ranft: the legacy…

The shockwaves from Pixar Animator and Story man Joe Ranft’s death continue to spread across the internet and the world. Searches on his name now rank number 3 on technorati and reflections on how Ranft’s work and life continue to be posted. Ranft’s death is immensely sad news for the creators and fans of animation… Read More »Joe Ranft: the legacy…

Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed

Hong Kong Disneyland (new website!) is nearing completion. Training for employees is well underway (500 have already worked at Walt Disney World and will pass that experience along), most of the tiny details that make Disney theme parks so special have been installed, and I must say the park looks great.’s "Tales from the… Read More »Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street Revealed