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Narnia – December 9th

Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (official site) is set for release on December 9th 2005. It’s a Walden Media film, but Disney is distributing, so expect a big push to start any time now. is a great place to start if you’re looking for more information on the film. It’s very… Read More »Narnia – December 9th

SIGGRAPH, Disney Mating Grounds

From Cartoon Brew comes two more interesting articles on Disney’s presence at SIGGRAPH L.A. (Next year in Boston!). First up is the long rambling, but oh so informative, trip report of one Bill, CG Student at RIT. I was very interested in what Ian Gooding and Dan Cooper had to say about Art Direction in… Read More »SIGGRAPH, Disney Mating Grounds

I’m sure they were going to tell them soon

Although it is not law in the state of California, it is industry practice to consult with a roller coaster’s manufacturer before making changes to the attraction. The OC Register is reporting that Disney made changes to some brake zones on California Screamin’ three months ago and didn’t tell Intamin, the ride’s manufacturer. "If you… Read More »I’m sure they were going to tell them soon

News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

Over at there are two recent posts that make me think we might just see a fourth Indiana Jones film in theatres before 2008. First was a link to story on Ain’t It Cool News that claims to have insider knowledge of George Lucas’ preproduction for the film. They were told to do research… Read More »News on the next Indiana Jones movie: Script Approved?

Two new DVDs at the LaughingPlace Store

The LaughingPlace Store has just added two new fan created DVDs to their stock. Not sure how long one of them will be available however. The first is the excellent Adventure Through Inner Space Virtual Ride-Through DVD, a CGI Recreation of the original attraction. I give this DVD high marks and it’s a must have… Read More »Two new DVDs at the LaughingPlace Store

“Not Dead Yet!”, says 2D Animation

More evidence of Hand Drawn Animation’s continuation as an art form is appearing at the studio of former Disney animator Sergio Pablos. Greg tracks down the trailer for Pablos first release Giacomo’s Secret. Yes, it’s in Spanish. But it looks great!

Further Details while coaster remains closed

"We were stopped for about 60 seconds. We had never stopped that long," Bromagen said. "I could hear the other car coming. We couldn’t do anything but get ready to be hit. We couldn’t move and we couldn’t see it coming." Then, he said, he "heard a tremendous smack and then people screaming," The LA… Read More »Further Details while coaster remains closed