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Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise

StitchmugHong Kong Disneyland officially opens September 12th. But via the magic of the internet here’s a quick pointer to some great merchandise from the park. has managed to secure availability of some souveniers and pins that are exclusive to the new theme park. I’m thinking of getting this Stitch Mug myself.

Update: I forgot to mention that this merchandise is only available for a limited time through The Laughing Place Store.

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1 thought on “Hong Kong Disneyland Merchandise”

  1. GREATEST DISAPOINTMENT from HK Disneyland even before we even stepped in. Firstly,
    with regards to their Reservation system, they charged my wife’s credit card 3 times! Secondly, when my wife called up Disneyland’s reservations, she brought up the issue and instead of getting a polite response, she over heard the reservation officers complaining in cantonese saying :”Ho Ma Fun” meaning very troublesome or being a nuisence. She was appalled by the remarks made in the background. Thirdly, she was told that she was’nt entilted the 20% discount as the reservation was done online and not over the phone. There was no such indication on the Disneyland Hotel website that discounts were only given to who make through the phone! Fourthly, Instead of solving the issues we were facing and responding to our eagerness to stay at the HK Disneyland Hotel, the officer redirected her to book the Hollywood Hotel instead and told her to cancel the Dsneyland Hotel bookings! My’s wife’s birthday is on 6 Dec and we were really looking forward to a magical moment but this incident has already left a bad aftertaste. I will be posting this bad experience in Singapore’s and other Asia Travel Blogs and Travel agencies as a testament to the already bad press that Hong Kong Disneyland has already recieved in Asia.

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