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Secrets of The Incredibles

Okay. You’ve owned your DVD of Pixar’s The Incredibles for a few weeks now, have watched it at least four times (onces normal, once with both commentaries, and once more to catch all the little things you missed the first three times) and nwo you are wearing a laser rut through the special features. What do you do next? How about explore all the little secrets of the DVD. Well DVD Dungeon is making that easier for you with this collection of movie secrets, DVD easter eggs, and, well, just cool stuff.

On Disc 1, allow the "Commentaries" menu to go through it’s full cycle
of animation. Have the back arrow button already highlighted. Near the
end of the cycle, an icon of Mr. Incredible will appear in the lower
right corner. Press your RIGHT button quickly. You’ll get a short clip
of Bob dancing arround the living room in his blue costume.

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  1. Incredibles DVD

    Link: The Disney Blog: Secrets of The Incredibles. Check this out to have more fun with your Incredibles DVD.

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