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Blogging at Disney

Bloggers blog links to this article about Corporate Blogging at Red Herring. Apparently there is heavy use of blogging tools inside the corporate firewalls. I’m suprised there is so little of it available for the public to read. Aside from some Podcasting at the May 5th event at Disneyland, can you think of any other public official Disney blogs?

Not that I need any competition.

1 thought on “Blogging at Disney”

  1. I had hoped that the May 5th podcast would have been the start of an ongoing offering from Disney (um, was that podcast an official Disney production, or just something done by an individual that Disney sanctified?). If Disney were to do a “blog”, it would be so scrutinized and sanitized by their lawyers, that it would probably lose a lot of the feel of a true blog.

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