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Busch Garden Denies Amputee, is Sued

Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida is facing a lawsuit from an amputee who wasn’t allowed to ride Montu, a roller-coaster where guests sit and legs dangle as they travel through multiple loops. This time its businessman Cary Frounfelter who manufacturers and sells artificial limbs. Frounfelter was taken off the ride while his 10-year old daughter was forced to ride without him.

According to Coaster enthusiasts at, Frounfelter may have a case. The attraction manufacturer recommends removing prosthesises but allows them as long as they are secure. There have been reports of artificial limbs flying off of the attraction. I don’t know about you, but standing in queue while a leg or arm flies by overhead might send even me through the chicken exit.

This comes on the heels of complaints from an 8-year old double-amputee who was denied access to three water rides, including a few kiddie rides. No word on any lawsuits from her camp.

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