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Disneyland Do’s and Don’ts’

Do: Take your kids to DisneyLand, regardless of their age. I never imagined getting so much enjoyment over their excitement.
Don’t: Have
kids outnumber the adults. One adult per child. You’ll save yourself
from the, "hey where’s small child number 6" moment of terror. Also,
most rides require an adult with the child lower than your belt buckle
(an no, the hewge belt buckle trick doesn’t work – nor does spiking the
hair of your child so it stands straight up). Leaving one small child
at the exit doesn’t work so well either.
Do: Go see the fireworks. Surround sound, laser lights, killer explosions and a scantily clad fairy on a wire – need I say more?
Don’t: Expect
to do much else the hours before and after the show. 50,000 people on
main street (100,000 SF) with one exit and two bathrooms. ’nuff said.
Do: get caught up in the "Fantasy" and "Pretend" that this theme park is supposed to be. You’ll enjoy a lot more things.
Don’t: Ask
the characters how long they need to train to do all this because you
get the standard answer, "How long did it take you to figure out you’re
an idiot??"…..ok they said it in a nice cartoon voice.

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