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Ratatouille in 3D

A video interview with Pixar’s Stereoscopic supervisor Bob Whitehill has some great insights as to how Toy Story 3 was finished in 3D. He also lets slip the fact that Pixar’s working on a 3D version of Ratatouille, which will presumably return to theaters sometime… Read More »Ratatouille in 3D

Remy Animatronic from Ratatouille

Speaking of wacky YouTube finds, I located a Guest Relations video and Kevin Yee has found this short video of an animatronic (or is it a puppet?) version of Remy the Rat from Pixar’s Ratatouille. He’s “lifesize” and apparently being used to get guests to… Read More »Remy Animatronic from Ratatouille

Ratatouille’s Foreign Box Office surpasses The Incredibles’

Despite the reports of initial disappointment in Ratatouille’s box office gross, with this weekend’s $14.1 million Ratatouille’s foreign box office has now passed The Incredibles’. It still has about $55 million to go before its total box office matches it, but it still has some legs in the overseas markets. Ratatouille’s has now grossed $577… Read More »Ratatouille’s Foreign Box Office surpasses The Incredibles’

Morning Roundup – July 13

Today in 1925 Walter Elias Disney married Lillian Marie Bounds and together they set off on a great adventure. On this day in 1955 Walt and Lillian gathered friends and family for their 30th anniversary celebration and a special preview of Disneyland. They took the Mark Twain for its maiden voyage and celebrated with a… Read More »Morning Roundup – July 13

Morning Round Up – July 9th

Ratatouille brought in a very tasty $29 million at the box office this weekend placing it second behind that 80’s toy film. That puts the latest film from Pixar over the $115 million mark with hardly any worldwide box office included. The real competition opens this week with Harry Potter returning to his wizardly ways… Read More »Morning Round Up – July 9th

15 Reasons to go see Ratatouille again this weekend

Ratatouille has been captivating audiences across the country since it debuted at the top of the box office last weekend. But now Disney and Pixar are giving audiences everywhere a reason to look even closer at the movie because there are a few hidden details and inside jokes that can only be found by the… Read More »15 Reasons to go see Ratatouille again this weekend

Morning Round Up – June 28th reports that movie patrons who see Ratatouille during the opening weekend can bring their Ticket Stub into the Disney Store and receive a free Ratatouille Pin. Is there really discontent at Walt Disney Animation Studios now that Lasseter and Catmull have imported The Pixar Way to the once floundering group? Steve at The Animation… Read More »Morning Round Up – June 28th