15 Reasons to go see Ratatouille again this weekend

Ratatouille has been captivating audiences across the country since it debuted at the top of the box office last weekend. But now Disney and Pixar are giving audiences everywhere a reason to look even closer at the movie because there are a few hidden details and inside jokes that can only be found by the keen observer. Some of these hidden treasures have become a tradition for Pixar Animation Studios, such as the Pizza Planet Truck which has appeared in nearly every Pixar film since it made its debut in 1995’s Toy Story, while others are a unique insider’s view into the world of the filmmakers of Ratatouille.

A few of these gems are listed here, but you will have to see Ratatouille at least once more to find them all.

  • The Pizza Planet Truck, which first made an appearance in Toy Story, has made a cameo in nearly every Pixar film. For example, the truck can be seen whizzing by when the tank gang is escaping from the dentist’s office in Finding Nemo. In Ratatouille, the infamous Pizza Planet Truck can be seen on a bridge over the Seine during the scene in which Skinner is chasing Remy.
  • The number A113, which refers to Brad Bird and John Lasseter’s former classroom at CalArts, makes an appearance in every Pixar film. For example, A113 can be seen in Cars on the train that McQueen narrowly misses when he first loses Mack and exits onto Route 66. A113 also appears in Ratatouille, but you’ll have to look carefully for yourself to find it.
  • Pixar’s official “Good Luck Charm,” actor John Ratzenberger makes another appearance in Ratatouille as the head waiter, Mustafa. John’s voice has appeared in every Pixar movie including as Hamm the piggy bank in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, PT Flea in A Bug’s Life, The Underminer in The Incredibles, and Mack the truck in Cars.
  • Mabel’s living room has several framed photos depicting Mabel and her late husband as members of the French resistance during WWII. This might explain how Mabel learned to use a shotgun.
  • The character Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles makes two appearances in Ratatouille. He appears as a mime on the bridge by Notre Dame when Linguini and Colette skate past. Bomb Voyage’s second appearance is the front-page headline and photo on the newspaper Colette is reading with the Solene Le Claire review.
  • Restaurant critic Anton Ego’s (voice of Peter O’Toole) office is shaped like a coffin to reinforce the idea that a bad review from Ego can be the “death” of a restaurant.
  • There were 372 graphics created that appear on food labels, boxes, street signs, posters, and businesses. Many of these graphics are named after Ratatouille crew members.
  • Lasseter Cabernet Sauvignon is named for executive producer John Lasseter
  • Chateau-Bird Champagne named for director Brad Bird
  • Chateau-Jessup Pauillac Medoc named for production designer Harley Jessup
  • Colette rides a “Calahan” branded motorcycle, named after Sharon Calahan, the director of photography/lighting.
  • The “Bouchiba” brand spaghetti Linguini cooks with in his apartment is named for animator Bolhem Bouchiba.
  • The “Bradford” mixer in the kitchen is named for producer Brad Lewis
  • The “Susman” brand olive oil is named for associate producer Galyn Susman.
  • “Bar Des 7 Chanceux” is a storefront seen on the streets of Paris. It is named for the “Lucky 7 Lounge,” a homemade secret lounge inside Pixar Animation Studios.

Have you found any other easter eggs? Post them in the comments.

6 thoughts on “15 Reasons to go see Ratatouille again this weekend”

  1. I’ve got two that we spotted!

    – It looked like Linguini was wearing some stylin’ “The Incredibles” boxer shorts, visible in the shot where he was about to stow Remy “down below”.

    – The shotgun shells that Mabel was using? They were very clearly “R. B. Cheney” brand. (As in Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney, of course. :))

  2. Dude, you’re killing me here . . . where’s the Pizza Planet truck?? I know that the omission was probably just a typo, but now I’m dying to know!

  3. John J. Giaconia

    Well, it might be a bit too obvious to be an easter egg, but I believe the lines: “Where are you going?” “Forward…I hope” was a nod back to “Keep Moving Foward” in meet the Robinsons. From Walt’s own words:
    We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
    Perhaps a comment about the slightly different direction they took with this film; more mature ideas and plot.

  4. I wish I would have paid better attention! I noticed the coffin, of course. And his desk looked like an old pipe organ.

    Pixar always has little things hidden…now I’m going to have to see it again! ;)

  5. …and Ego’s typewriter looked like a skull from the back.

    Just playing around – I found the rats lead to shorts when the were by the pots on eaither side of the main menu and in the main menu, I once got the Bonus Features selection to change from purple to red but did not select it and could not repeat it. If someone else finds a way to get the selection to red please post it.

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