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Morning Roundup – July 7

  • Walt Disney World’s fall PGA tour classic lost its sponsor last year. There was some worry that if a sponsor wasn’t found then this would be the last year of the event. It doesn’t look like that will happen as Disney just announced they have signed a new sponsor, although they won’t say who yet. I have thought that Disney should sponsor the event themselves or co-sponsor the event on behalf of a local charity. The make up the difference in good word of mouth for the WDW Resort. But we’ll see who they signed soon as the event is this October.
  • Soccer star David Beckham will soon join the LA Galaxy and with him comes a world of sponsorship opportunities. ESPN has tagged Beckham for some commercial spots.
  • Robert Zemeckis’ first motion capture film for Walt Disney Pictures will be A Christmas Carol. Like in Polar Express, one actor has been selected to play a number of the roles. In this case Jim Carrey will bring his unique brand of wackiness to the film. If you stayed to the end of Ratatouille’s credits you saw that the producers put a swipe at Motion Capture saying it wasn’t ‘pure’ animation. We’ll see if this creates any problems at the Mouse House.
  • While Gatorland still hasn’t rebuild the burnt out structures, it is open for business and growing with the recent addition of a kid’s water play area. On July 4th they also added 12 baby Nile crocodiles to the park’s large contingent. They’re cute as babies, but already dangerous.
  • Sending children struggling with life-threatening illnesses to Walt Disney World for their special wish is indeed a great thing. However, when insurance companies refuse to provide insurance for the trip, that immediately puts a stop to the dream. This little girl was refused by 20 companies before someone finally stepped up to provide insurance. This shouldn’t have to happen.
  • Former Walt Disney Company Chair CEO Michael Eisner apparently didn’t learn from his mistakes in Burbank and is experiencing another shareholder and board revolt at Topps, a company he bought controlling interest in.