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Morning Roundup – July 13

Today in 1925 Walter Elias Disney married Lillian Marie Bounds and together they set off on a great adventure. On this day in 1955 Walt and Lillian gathered friends and family for their 30th anniversary celebration and a special preview of Disneyland. They took the Mark Twain for its maiden voyage and celebrated with a special performance of the  Golden Horseshoe Revue. One of my favorite photos is of the Disney family on stage at the Horseshoe that night, Walt, Lillian and their two daughters. Walt looks so happy and Lillian looks so proud. It must have been a wonderful evening.

  • Another fusillade has been launched in the battle over Anaheim zoning. Disney’s opponents are threatening to submit a ballot proposal of their own if the city council doesn’t do what they say. It looks like the truth is coming out, this isn’t really about low-income housing (the project in question would result in few low-income units then there are now), it’s about a certain element who just don’t like Disney and resent the control Disney has over the city due to the huge tax revenue tourism business generates. To these people in the vocal minority I say, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.
  • J. Dana at Themepark Insider has revealed a small detail about the new Siemans sponsored version of Spaceship Earth. You’ll have to click through to find out, since it qualifies as a spoiler. I’ll just say that it sounds like the ‘Time Travel’ aspect will be played up.
  • Slashfood has a post that rounds up a variety of delicious ways to make Ratatouille in your own kitchen. Thomas Keller provided Pixar with the recipe for Ratatouille that was actually used in the film. It’s at the NY Times, so copy it now before it goes behind their paywall.
  • Mouse Extra reports on the growing rumor that Walt Disney World’s Cinderella Castle will get a holiday makeover this year. I’ve seen the one done on Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle and it took them 4 or 5 years to get it right, but once they did, it was a marvelous site to behold.
  • Orlando Sentinel reporter got a pretty cool tour of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror for its 13th Anniversary. He’s posted some amazing photos taken from outside the building on the catwalk behind the attraction’s giant sign. Due to a back injury, I can no longer ride this attraction, but I’d really love to get a tour like that myself. 
  • The Starliner Coaster at Cypress Gardens did not have its grand re-opening yesterday due to a paperwork snafu with the state. Time to double check all those bolts guys. This is not the kind of reputation you want getting out in the media.
  • Drawn! links to a video interview with Bill Melendez. Bill started with Disney in 1938 and then went on to have a hand in just about every childhood animated special I can remember.
  • Full Sail, an Orlando based animation studio that has benefited from Disney’s animation pullout, talks about their recent appearance on the CBS Morning show.