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Morning Round Up – June 28th

  • reports that movie patrons who see Ratatouille during the opening weekend can bring their Ticket Stub into the Disney Store and receive a free Ratatouille Pin.
  • Is there really discontent at Walt Disney Animation Studios now that Lasseter and Catmull have imported The Pixar Way to the once floundering group? Steve at The Animation Guild Blog took a walk through WDAS to find out. Short answer is yes, long answer is Yes, but a large and important group likes the changes, the group actually doing most of the story and animation. The point is we all need to be rooting for Ratatouille to do $40 million or more at the Box Office opening weekend so that Walt’s way can be brought back to Walt’s studio.
  • Orlando Food and Fun is a guide to Orlando attractions, such as WDW, Seaworld, and Universal, from the point of view of a middle schooler. Well done, but YMMV.
  • The Orlando Sentinel has a longer story on Disney’s recent practice of banning teens from loitering at Downtown Disney that examines what similar properties have done with the problem of loitering teens. Columnist Mike Thomas has some good points too, a simple apology to the FSU students would go a long way. And Sports Columnist David Whitley tried a little loitering of his own with predictable results.
  • Alain Littaye posts the first part of his four part series on "The Disneyland Paris That Never Was". The first post has my mouth drooling over what could have been. A Main Street themed to the 1920s? Wow! Hurry up and post the rest please!
  • Will Miley Cyrus follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears? An LA Times column ponders her fate.
  • Local News reports that a special screening of the latest Harry Potter movie will happen tonight at Orlando’s Downtown Disney AMC. There are some caveats, however.
  • One of the more infamous Disney fan websites makes it into a sexual harassment lawsuit.
  • From The East Side has a very funny account of their recent visit to Walt Disney World and the way two parent’s different set of preferences can impact a vacation.

2 thoughts on “Morning Round Up – June 28th”

  1. I was following the Black Curtain screening of Harry Potter on both LiveJournal and MySpace when I first heard of it early this week. From what I was reading, they were at first going to have the screening in the 1200-person theater, with the possibility of a second theater, but the big theater was reserved for Ratatouille (was that even playing last night?). When they had their final meeting and said it would be in the 400 seat theater, I stopped following it, because there was no way I was going to wait all day for something I probably wouldn’t even get in to. Plus there’s the whole babysitting issue, but that’s a different story.

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