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Morning Roundup – June 27

  • reports that early autopsy results indicate the teenage girl who died while riding Rock’n’Roller Coaster at Disneyland Resort Paris did not die from trauma. This lends weight to the tragic of pre-existing conditions contributing to the death. Inspections also found no mechanical malfunction on the attraction and it has since re-opened.
  • The original motion picture soundtrack to Pixar’s Ratatouille is now available for purchase on iTunes (opens in iTunes). Michael Giacchino is the composer. The iTunes album includes a special scene from "Ratatouille" titled "Looks for Saffron." There’s also an album of songs inspired by the movie (opens in iTunes). (Purchase Ratatouille Soundtrack on Amazon)
  • Julia Boorstin at CNBC’s Media Money looks at the $7.4 billion purchase of Pixar by Disney and why it was a good move. Two words "Consumer Products"
  • The Wall Street Journal ponders if the recent rise in crime in Orlando could end up hurting the tourism business. It certainly did back in the early 1990’s (remember the car jacking spree?). All parties should be very concerned right now if you ask me.
  • Broke Hoedown speculates on the recent reports of investments in Hong Kong Disneyland based on the recent release of increased attendance figures. But will it be enough to keep the investment bankers happy?
  • Mousevine has debuted a new comic that pokes fun at Disney, Disney fandom, and the like. Very funny!