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What’s going on at EPCOT?

There was some unexpected big news about EPCOT made this weekend at a D23 event – apparently big plans are in the works. We’ve heard a few rumors, but this sounds much bigger than what we’ve heard.  Before we dive into all that, let’s take… Read More »What’s going on at EPCOT?

Disneyland Paris CEO Thanks Cast

Disneyland Paris CEO Tom Wolber has a tough job, he has to get the French resort back on track. Not an easy assignment considering they just spent a ton of money building the Ratatouille attraction and attendance was still down over 2013. That said, there… Read More »Disneyland Paris CEO Thanks Cast

Ratatouille: The Adventure opens in Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios


The 60th attraction of the Disneyland Paris resort just opened putting a great big smile on the faces of guests. Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy (or Ratatouille: The Adventure) opened inside Walt Disney Studios on July 10th. It’s part of a mini-land themed to the cobbled streets of Parise and La Place de Remy right out of the Pixar movie – Ratatouille.

Guests on the attraction will experience audio-animatronic animation and larger-than-life projections that immerse them in the world of Rémy. The ride flies over the rooftops of Paris, through the kitchen, and into the rush of a French dining room all via your own “ratmobile.”

Here’s an early video ride-through:

La Place de Rémy is also home to a table-service restaurant, Bistrot Chez Remy. It features French specialties including ratatouille.

More fun facts about Ratatouille: The Adventure below the jump:

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Disneyland Paris Releases New Details of Ratatouille Ride

In case you need another reason to get excited for summer, here’s a pretty good one: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy. Disneyland Paris recently announced the opening of a new section dedicated to our favorite cooking rat, which will house a new ride, a shop… Read More »Disneyland Paris Releases New Details of Ratatouille Ride

Disneyland Paris Rumor Round-Up

Who doesn’t love a good Disney rumor? From speculation about a Wizard of Oz themed land in Disneyland, to expanding the monorail at Walt Disney World, theme park fans are always discussing what could be next. So I decided to give a little love to… Read More »Disneyland Paris Rumor Round-Up

John Lasseter unveils Pixar USPS Stamps

In a move that is sure to bolster the United States Post Office’s failing bottom line, the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, John Lasseter, and deputy postmaster general, Ronald Stroman, unveiled the USPS Send a Hello Forever stamp series… Read More »John Lasseter unveils Pixar USPS Stamps