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Disneyland Paris Rumor Round-Up

Who doesn’t love a good Disney rumor? From speculation about a Wizard of Oz themed land in Disneyland, to expanding the monorail at Walt Disney World, theme park fans are always discussing what could be next. So I decided to give a little love to Disneyland Paris, the Disney park I’ve visited most recently. Here are the “top” rumors for the park, along with my evaluations and predictions:

Ratatouille Ride in Walt Disney Studios

Status: Confirmed.

Evaluation: Love it. Looks like it will be a great ride, and makes complete sense for Paris guests. Also bolsters Walt Disney Studios’ attraction line-up, which it needs.

Prediction: Pretty much a done deal, can’t see it being stalled now.

Star Wars Mini-Land in Discoveryland

Status: Rumored. Disney and More has a great write-up about this project, and claims to have insider knowledge that points to the fact that it will be built. (To summarize: Star Tours 2, transform Captain EO theatre, Star Traders store, and Pizza Planet restaurant to be Star Wars themed.)

Evaluation: Would also love to see this. I’m not a HUGE Star Wars maniac, but I think we’ve been shown that the films lend themselves very well to theme park attractions, so kicking it up a notch to an entire mini-land would be amazing. Disney recently seems keen on these themed lands (Cars Land, Avatar Land, etc.) and given the success of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, I can’t blame them. I’m intrigued if this would be translated into other parks if it’s successful at Disneyland Paris.

Prediction: This makes complete sense, and apparently is being given a lot of consideration. If it happens, it probably won’t be until after the Ratatouille ride, but I remain hopeful. With Captain EO closing, it looks like this might be what’s next.

Wall-E Ride in Discoveryland

Status: Rumored. Actually, the original rumors are that a Wall-E ride will be coming to both American parks. This has been spun to lead people to believe that it would be built as well (or instead) in Paris.

Evaluation: I just want this ride to be built; I don’t care which park gets it.

Prediction: I would’t bet on this one. If it does get built, it will probably be in Walt Disney World or Disneyland before it’s in Disneyland Paris.

Toy Story Mania in Walt Disney Studios

Status: Rumored. The CEO of Euro Disney S.C.A was quoted in a French news magazine talking about the Ratatouille ride, and he also hinted at an “interactive attraction inspired by Toy Story.”

Evaluation:  Another great idea. Gives Walt Disney Studios another huge attraction to take away from long queues at Crush’s Coaster, and I frankly just love this ride. One of my favorite things to do at Disneyland Paris is to try and beat my personal best at Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, but Toy Story Mania would be so much better!

Prediction: Probably going to happen. This ride is being cloned all over the world, so I don’t see them leaving Disneyland Paris out. They wouldn’t have to invest in developing a new ride (like they are for Ratatouille) so it’s not insanely expensive, so hopefully the budget won’t get cut.

Third Gate

Status: Delayed. The original contract meant that a third gate would open by 2017, but that’s been renegotiated until 2030.

Evaluation: The resort can certainly use a third gate. I hope to see a completely new concept instead of a clone, but I’ll take anything. (Personally I’d love to see a Heroes and Villains park, potentially with some Marvel-inspired thrill rides and also the Villains Tonight! show from Disney Cruise Line, among much more.)

Prediction: Not for a long, long time.

Which of these rumors would you most like to see come true?


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