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SeaWorld announces the end of its Killer Whale breeding program

Reflecting a huge shift in its philosophy SeaWorld has announced three major changes to its Killer Whale programs at the parks. They will end the Orca breeding program, meaning the current generation of killer whales will be the last at SeaWorld. SeaWorld will shift from… Read More »SeaWorld announces the end of its Killer Whale breeding program

SeaWorld Response to Blackfish

SeaWorld Orlando took, perhaps, a bit longer than they should have, but they finally have issued what I consider a very effective response to the people and forces behind the film ‘Blackfish.’ I guess they couldn’t hold off any longer after CNN’s airing of the… Read More »SeaWorld Response to Blackfish

Trailer Debut for SeaWorld Exposé ‘Blackfish’

Editors Note: Mike has asked for permission to share this here. I’m allowing it because everyone needs to make up their own mind about SeaWorld’s role in animal care and conservation and more data is almost always better than less data. The movie ‘Blackfish’ is… Read More »Trailer Debut for SeaWorld Exposé ‘Blackfish’

Lawsuit Accusing SeaWorld of Enslaving Killer Whales Dismissed

As we reported earlier this week, PETA had filed a lawsuit accusing SeaWorld’s Orlando and San Diego parks of treating its killer whales as slaves. We felt the lawsuit was ridiculous on its face. SeaWorld officials called the lawsuit frivolous. Now a Federal Court has… Read More »Lawsuit Accusing SeaWorld of Enslaving Killer Whales Dismissed

Behind SeaWorld’s One Ocean

SeaWorld’s newest Killer Whale show One Ocean debuted in Orlando last month and is opening in San Diego this weekend. It will reach San Antonio in June, but they have to be patient as it was just announced that they’ll be getting their own Aquatica in the future too.

I’ve got two quick videos to peak your interest this morning. First is a look beneath the waves at how SeaWorld produced the show:

Then follow below the jump for my video from the grand opening show of One Ocean

Read More »Behind SeaWorld’s One Ocean

SeaWorld to Develop new Shamu Show

The other shoe had to drop eventually. SeaWorld has announced that they are developing a new show to replace the ‘Believe’ Killer Whale show at its theme parks. This move will help the park get past the tragic death of trainer Dawn Brancheau last February… Read More »SeaWorld to Develop new Shamu Show