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SeaWorld to Develop new Shamu Show

The other shoe had to drop eventually. SeaWorld has announced that they are developing a new show to replace the ‘Believe’ Killer Whale show at its theme parks. This move will help the park get past the tragic death of trainer Dawn Brancheau last February while working near a pool with Tilikum the largest male Killer Whale at SeaWorld Orlando.

Just this Saturday when I was at SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove, I ran into a cast member who was still wearing a black ribbon behind her name badge to honor Brancheau. She said she was not ready to take it off yet.

Although SeaWorld has not revealed any details of the new show, I have to think they’re moving in the direction of highlighting animal conservation and animal care. Without the giant beer company to provide a unifying theme, conservation is the clearest unifying force between all the park’s exhibits. To me, that was the one element that ‘Believe’ always lacked.

More details on the announcement over at the Orlando Sentinel.

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