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No Ordinary Family 1-7: No Ordinary Mobster

Well, after a couple of episodes of not much development for the story, this week saw things jump forward by leaps and bounds. I can hardly wait to see where we will be going from here. All this and Amy Acker (Fred from Angel) .

The kids we can pretty much deal with in one paragraph. Daphne finally catches the eye of the most popular boy in school (and is it just me not paying attention, or does that boy change every week?). He’s broken up with his girlfriend, so he and Daphne go to a modern art exhibit at the local museum. Since she knows nothing about art, she has JJ learn it all and then think about it at the museum so she can appear to know what she is talking about. Of course, the boy goes back to his girlfriend before the episode is over, although he thinks to himself that maybe he chose the wrong girl.

Yeah, so I’m giving JJ his own paragraph. His story was pretty simple this week. Stephanie decides he needs a special tutor to help him nurture his abilities. Naturally, she turns to Katie. Katie has been having issues with trying to find a guy on-line. JJ seems to have developed a crush on Katie, and in an effort to make her feel better about herself, JJ invents a profile on her dating site. They hit if off in IM, and JJ winds up agreeing to a date with her.

Jim, meanwhile, takes on a mobster. George has just lost what he thought was an open and shut case against this mobster. When the mobster comes after George’s newest love (the previously mentioned Amy Acker), Jim decides to take matters into his own hands and make sure the mobster gets caught. Unfortunately, the mobster rips Jim’s ski mask off and sees him. From there, he tries to blackmail George into dropping the charges so that the identity of the “super cop” is kept secret. After everyone freaks out about that for a segment, George bluffs the mobster into turning on his boss. And just as the mobster is being taken to a lock up where he will be safe until he can testify at the trial, he has a heart attack and dies. Only it wasn’t a natural heart attack. The Watcher, the mysterious guy who killed Detective Cho way back in episode two, caused the heart attack.

But Stephanie’s story was the most interesting this week. Dr. King calls Stephanie into his office and tells her to avoid looking at what Dr. Wilson was working on. As she’s ready to drop that, Katie comes up with an address for his widow. So Stephanie makes a run for the border and goes to visit her in Mexico. Mrs. Wilson goes on to tell Stephanie how Dr. Wilson stole some vials from the company and used them to cure her inability to walk and give them both super powers. However, the powers were only temporary and he went crazy not too long after, killing himself as a result. And, since Mrs. Wilson was in a wheelchair, we can assume her healing didn’t stay either.

But here’s where things get really interesting. Stay with me. It’ll be worth it.

The aftermath of the mobster’s death finds Jim and George discussing how everyone who knows about Jim’s powers has turned up dead. They don’t like that coincidence; as well they shouldn’t since The Watcher is killing them all.

We cut to Dr. King’s office as he is thanking Mrs. Wilson via phone for her job talking to Stephanie and telling her that payment would come to the normal account. Mrs. Wilson thanks him, hangs up the phone, and then stands up and walks away. So she lied to Stephanie.

Back in Dr. King’s office, Stephanie walks in and says she is planning to stay far away from Dr. Wilson’s research. But Dr. King isn’t convinced. He gives The Watcher a picture of the Powell family and asks him to keep an eye on them and find out what they know.

The final scene is at the restaurant as Katie waits for her date. JJ is there, but he can’t bring himself to go tell her the truth, so he leaves. And just then, The Watcher shows up with flowers and introduces himself by the fake name JJ had created. Cue in credits.

Yikes! As I’ve already said, I can’t wait to see where things go next week. We’ve got The Watcher actually paying close attention to the Powells. George and Jim are getting suspicious of things. And poor Katie is being used to get close to the Powell family. This is not going to be good for them at all. And what exactly had Dr. Wilson found in his research. Obviously, he was killed, but what is Mrs. Wilson will alive? How did she come to get on Dr. King’s payroll?

While I could have done without the kids’ storylines this week, I absolutely loved Jim and Stephanie’s. Even more, I love how they advanced the story. I have a feeling that things are going to get quite good as we get even further into the season. I hope they continue with these developments next week and don’t do another stand alone episode. I need to know what happens next.

I will be impatiently waiting on the next chapter in this saga as well as some others over on my blog.  Please come join me.

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