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Disneyland Hotels and Parks in dispute with Taxi Drivers

Another interesting dispute has found its way to the Disneyland Resort property, this time via the Port-Cochere of the resorts hotels. There are three licensed cab companies in Anaheim, however Disney and some local hotels have decided they only want to have one cab pick up passengers from the hotels and theme park property.

From Disney’s point of view this allows them to control the guest experience by requiring the company meet certain standards of cleanliness and service, but from the other two cab companies they see this as a full frontal attack on their largest source of income. The cabs on the outside have asked for and received an injunction from a judge preventing Disney from enforcing their policy for now.

I have to say I am sympathetic to the two cabs companies that Disney wants to send away. If a city gives you a license to operate, you should be able to operate. But Anaheim city council said they were powerless to make Disney allow any cab cars on their private property. To this I call BS, governments make private businesses do things all the time when it comes to maintaining the public good. I have to think that having some competition between cab companies is a public good in that it would drive down prices.

But I also understand Disney’s desire to maintain a certain quality of cabs for its guests. To that end, I say Disney should ask Anaheim to take the NYC route and heavily regulate the cabs including cleanliness, service, and rates. Put a device in the back of the cab that allows any passenger to report a bad experience and that will shape up any badly maintained cabs.

More details at the OC Register.

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  2. If I needed a cab, I would want whichever is the cheapest and I would make sure Disney allowed them to pick me up….I am a guest there, paying good money. This would not be acceptable by any standards.

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