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SeaWorld baby Killer Whale is a boy

Earlier today on their facebook page, SeaWorld Orlando announced that the Killer Whale born on Oct 9th to Katina is a boy. The video below explains why it can sometimes take a long time to narrow down the choices to just one.

SeaWorld says they’ll be holding a naming contest to name the baby Orca in the near future. In the meantime you can visit the pair at Shamu stadium.

Meanwhile on the other coast, SeaWorld San Diego has a baby too… this time an ultra cute baby Emperor Penguin. Video of it being introduced to other penguins is below the jump:

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Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld Orlando

Update: Added a photo and some comments from the SeaWorld Inside Conservation blog. The SeaWorld Orlando family got some welcome good news tonight as a healthy newborn Killer Whale was birthed by Katina. Katina is a 34 year old great-grandmother who has 7 offspring. Both… Read More »Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld Orlando

Killer Whale dies in childbirth at SeaWorld Orlando

Sad news coming from SeaWorld Orlando tonight. Taima,one of the park’s two pregnant whales, died while giving birth, the calf was still born. SeaWorld has recently been picketed by protesters, after one of the Orcas killed a trainer. This tragedy is likely to give them… Read More »Killer Whale dies in childbirth at SeaWorld Orlando

Killer Whale Trainers at SeaWorld Examined

Reports and interviews created during an investigation of SeaWorld’s Orca Training program by the federal department OSHA provides what might be the most in depth look at what dangers trainers face yet. The Orlando Sentinel has some of the details, but summarized it says that… Read More »Killer Whale Trainers at SeaWorld Examined

Sustainable Salmon Feeds Shamu at SeaWorld

Animal trainer Amber Cavett offers a piece of sustainable salmon for Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando.

Ever wonder where all that seafood consumed by SeaWorld’s guests and its wettest performers came from? Certainly not from the aquarium tanks. Although the Shark Encounter certainly looks to hold the capacity.

SeaWorld took a careful look at their sources for seafood and decided they could do more to be in line with their conservation mission. That’s why soon all of the seafood served to guests — and even the salmon fed to Shamu — will be purchased from sustainably-managed fisheries that promote environmentally responsible stewardship. This change affects more than 220,000 pounds of seafood and is on track for completion by early 2009.

Busch Entertainment Company, SeaWorld’s parent company, is working with the Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Certification Council in sourcing sustainable seafood options. Both are international, non-profit organizations that promote environmentally responsible fishing, fish farms, processing and food safety.

In partnering with the Rainforest Alliance, the parks also serve coffee and chocolate purchased from growers who meet demanding social and environmental standards. This global certification program ensures food is farmed and harvested in ways that protect wildlife, habitats and people.

Click below the cut for some other examples of how BEC is working to maintain its dedication to the environment.

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