The next film from The Jim Henson Company is Mirrormask based on Neil Gaiman's novel. It opens to limited release on September 30th, which means it will face some stiff competition from Joss Whedon's Serenity. It's going to be a touch choice for me on which to see first. Of course, the fact that Mirrormask
a film maker will usually in some way attempt to communicate the thematic or symbolic undertones of a novel he is converting- if only to prove he's not some dumb hack. But do videogame developers share the same concerns? I mean, I'm not expecting them to put a little pointer above Aslan saying 'Look, it's
Just a friendly reminder that you have to order from Amazon by July 11th to get opening day delivery of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I've ordered mine. Of course, if you order it from the above link, I get a few pennies which helps offset the costs of running this site.
A quick list of some other Howl's Moving Castle reviews from the blogosphere. To start read Onigiriman's take on the film with some insightful analysis of the characters. AnimeCrystals saw the film and wonders what was left out during the translation from the novel. Serendipty thinks the movie was a huge departure from Miyazaki’s previous
If you haven't been following the writings of Darth Vader on his 'darthside' blog, then you've been missing out on some very humorous, but also poignant, writing. Today's post wraps up the blog as Vader prepares for his final moments of confrontation with his destiny. I wouldn't qualify myself as a Star Wars Uber-fan, but
Gone are the old visuals and conscientiously French theme based on Jules Verne's novel "From the Earth to the Moon." Instead, the ride tours the solar system before hurtling out through asteroid showers to skim past supernovas and other astronomical phenomena, portrayed with high-definition video and a host of other new effects.Paris Disneyland unveiled its
In a deal it hopes will produce a trove of new properties to exploit across various media, Walt Disney Co. has bought the assets of CrossGen Entertainment, a comic book publisher whose fantasy and sci-fi titles include "Abadazad," "Mystic" and "Route 666." This is another sign of Disney coming to accept the shift in reading