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Space Mountain II???

Gone are the old visuals and conscientiously French theme based on
Jules Verne’s novel "From the Earth to the Moon." Instead, the ride
tours the solar system before hurtling out through asteroid showers to
skim past supernovas and other astronomical phenomena, portrayed with
high-definition video and a host of other new effects.

Paris Disneyland unveiled its upgrade to their version of Space Mountain this week. Space Mountain Mission II is a total retheming of the attraction with upgraded technology and special effects. A Reuters story reports that this is the first step in Euro Disney’s plan to get out from underneath the debt load that has been keeping the company from posting profits.

Paris is not the only Magic Kingdom getting an renovated Space Mountain Roller Coaster. The original Disneyland is also getting some work done. They’ve totally replaced the track, redone the load and unload area (that 70s era theming is gone gone gone) and are rumored to be installing three separate soundtracks for the attraction. The opening date for this new Space Mountain is still in question. Park officials have said it will be ready in July for the park’s 50th birthday party. Earlier estimates had that date much later in the year.