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More Howling Reviews

A quick list of some other Howl’s Moving Castle reviews from the blogosphere.

To start read Onigiriman’s take on the film with some insightful analysis of the characters.

AnimeCrystals saw the film and wonders what was left out during the translation from the novel.

Serendipty thinks the movie was a huge departure from Miyazaki’s previous works. His advice, Go see it!

Peter reads the Tea Leaves and reveals that he enjoyed Howl even if he prefers the dubbed version.

Ben went to see Howl’s Moving Castle and enjoyed it, but was reminded of Miyazaki’s previous works.

Brian dissents
and was a bit disappointed with the film.

Finally, Zogworld has their review of the film, noting some of the love story aspects of the film.

If you’re seen the film and want to post a review here, the comments are open.

3 thoughts on “More Howling Reviews”

  1. I love Miyazaki’s work, but I was disapointed in Howl’s. Maybe it was the bad english dub, but the story seemed to lack a clear direction. It wandered, which is an uncharacteristic trait for a Miyazaki film. Even so, the fantastic visuals alone are enough to bring me back to the theater to see it again! And I want to live in that castle!

  2. Glad you found my comments interesting enough to put up a link. How’d you find me, by the way?

  3. Miyazaki is amazing….it seems he is reinventing himself. Story is complex but great. I had to watch more than once to really get it. It has fun story on the top layer and has a lot more deeper layers under that. I just do not know what to say for his critical view of human nature. I will not comment of images…all know it is magnificent!

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